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This was a unique participant-led project which involved pairing 10 young artists with 10 ex-offenders to create sensitive and personal poems, spoken word pieces and music. These were then performed live in a local theatre in front of the community. The project allowed for the all too often silent stories of ex-offenders be told to a large and diverse audience.


“This year we had the honour of working with Aashish Parmar from Fund My Venture, who helped us to secure our first big funding to deliver our community project. As a start-up social enterprise, we have struggled in the past to secure funding but with the support from Aashish and his team we successfully secured the funding needed to deliver our project and as a result we had a positive impact in our community. I would highly recommend the services offered by Fund My Venture. They are very helpful, professional, patient and very supportive.”


Farah Mohammoud Director, You Press CIC